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The thought of today’s christians, thinking that Jesus will do everything (and doing absolutely nothing)

Today we will try to discuss about a thing in hands of many, specially who lives in rich countries such as United States, for example. Countries with high levels of consumption and entertainment. Countries where people choose between limousines and pink Barbie cars.

The thought of today’s christians,many of them from huge spiritual lines doctrines, thinking that Jesus will do everything (and doing absolutely nothing).

Many evangelicals think that Jesus is returning and indeed He is returning as a consciousness energy in the collective of the planet. even if He would come back as a incarnated soul, It would demand an improvement in the quality of this planet. Behavior. Higher vibes energy, better reciprocate in relationships, because He wouldn’t deserve a second suffering, of course. He, as a Higher Consciousness, in communion with God, understand our weakness and imperfections. But never once did Jesus say that because He would return, He would give permission for people to go on destroying the material world, as if they were locusts, consuming the planet itself and nature, He never gave this endorsement.

Image from Pixabay

Many Protestants believe in the betterment of the more evolved world, where there is respect for each other and respect for nature and animals. And these Christian and Protestant people excel at preserving nature. I myself met a young woman who was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, was studying environmental engineering and had a deep appreciation for the ecosystem, the environment. Believing that Jesus Christ is returning does not give you the right to go on destroying things, thinking that because the planet will end you have the right to do whatever you want. Acting like a grasshopper, consuming what lies ahead without any caution or responsibility. Our planet is not going to end and we are not allowed to go on destroying the planet. Since our orb is a creation of God, only He can determine the things of destruction, as well as of creation. We humans cannot destroy our planet! As much as you are a Christian and believe that Jesus is returning, that doesn’t give you the right to destroy the ecosystem, just because Jesus will return. This does not give you the right to go on destroying the physical things of nature on this material plan.

Use our planet’s natural resources responsibly. These are cosmic moral laws! we have to preserve what is common to all, that God has given us for use and not abuse, the divinity has given us life resources that belong to the planet and the next generations that will come to inhabit this planet. And until the end of the life of this little planet, which are still many thousand years ahead. To think that He will save everyone without any effort on our part, without any care or responsibility, and thus revoking the natural laws of this orb is a fantasy. There is a lack of study and understanding, both of natural laws and even of theology. Meditate on this!


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