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Reiki Usui and Mikao Usui

Today I decided to write about Mikao Usui. Maybe it was an insight and I was even going to consult some old notes, but I decided to write just remembering the first experiences I had with Reiki, and for today’s inspirations. Mikao was Buddhist and lived in Japan and from what I remember from the first classes I had about the usui system (since I studied other reiki systems like Shambala, sacred frame and Gypsy Reiki and I am writing according to my memories) but I promise that in a next post I may write with more details and relevant data.

Last night, after I participated watching a live on YouTube with a mentor in the field of psychology and spirituality, I felt impelled to write this post on this blog. I made a draft beforehand and now I’m typing by voice. Maybe I’ll transcribe it into English later, because I think it’s important to make these notes about Buddhism and Christianity and these issues of spirituality, how they connect.

So, going back to the subject, as I was saying, Mikao Usui was a Buddhist, he lived in Japan, but he sometimes traveled to other parts and maybe also to the United States. He was very dedicated to spiritual studies and also studied various systems of spirituality, so it is very likely that Mikao Usui, in codifying the Japanese Reiki system, was inspired by Christian references.

Mikao Usui has spent his life in monasteries, studying, to get the inspirations that led him to the Reiki philosophy, the Reiki healing system and as a spiritual path as well. He had a life of dedication to others, an example of his life in line with principles very similar to the gospel of Christ was his dedication when there was an earthquake in Japan at the beginning of the last century.

Mikao exemplifies, in this way, that not only in thoughts and words, but in feelings and attitudes, the Reikians as well as in the West, Christians, must guide their lives on their path of evolutionary ascension in line with the teachings of Jesus.

This is very beautiful, the east and the west meet peacefully in the teachings and practices based on the Greater Good! For us to meditate and remember, God is all-encompassing, he is the Creator of the universe, Supreme Giver and Harmonizer. Peace, Love and Light!


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