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Your notebook, Writing as a home therapy

At this time that we are often at home, meditation can be a great time to harmonize internally and we can better visualize externally what we want to do, what are the priority actions and what we want to solve in the best possible way.

When we are very anxious or even sad and depressed, one way of doing this meditation in a different and slightly more western and pragmatic way, is by writing!

I’m going to teach you a valuable tip here that you can do today. In vibrational therapies, we need to raise our bioenergetic state to more harmonic levels and thus we can act better on a daily basis.

Next I will show you the most precious tip that can be done using pen and paper, it is not necessary to put a private digital blog, a simple written paper on which the spiritual mentors and guardian angels that we have will be watching, will be aware for us to help . And your subconscious and Higher Self will register when visualizing what you have written. For in the spiritualist view we have friendly spirits, who submit to the highest hierarchies, to the Planetary Christ and under divine orders. They will read this paper that you will write!

Simple Tips to do at your home right now 💞

Breathe slowly and deeply a few times so that you can become more focused and relaxed.

In front of you on a table or in your lap you should have a personal notebook or a blank sheet of paper and a pen in your hands.

Write down your feelings about what most bothers you at the moment. When you collect on paper, your position and your goals are created for the universe, which starts to interact to help you.

We are always served by the Supreme Creator. If we don’t get something, it is because it was not good or because there are better ways. It is also important to understand these paths, it is important to be aware, my dear, my dear; attentive to these paths, the best options, because sometimes what we put before our own conscience first is not yet the perfect understanding of things. But these tips are a help so that we can have a better clarity and re-edit our understanding if we are in some way wrong, maybe not at all, but in some aspect of the interpretation of our own feelings and concerns, which maybe in a day or two we can have a better understanding and even the tools for solution. Feelings change, improve. Thoughts are also constantly changing. So something today we have a certain understanding, in two or three days we can have a better view. That is why this writing therapy is wonderful and after the solution reached, or the emotional relief, a suggestion is to rip the paper and put it in the trash or something. If the person doesn’t want anyone to read it, my suggestion is to remember that after solving the problem or situation or feeling badly resolved, get rid of the paper. Cut in small pieces and and discard in the garbage. If it is a goal achieved, which brings good feelings, you can keep it in a notebook or personal diary.

If you read what you wrote about two or three days later and want to re-edit what you wrote, keep writing as you are feeling, you can write! And continue thanking the cosmic universe, God, because in addition to the Higher Self of your soul, the Supreme Creator of the universe will be collaborating with the resolution and emotional and spiritual elevation of everything that you are putting before Him for transmutation and improvement.

✨ 💞💞💞Final comments 💞💞💞✨

At the end, feel grateful to the Creator, honouring the Universe Cosmic Supreme Intelligence for everything being provided by God, by the spiritual world or by the quantum universe, by the Cosmic Universe, if you prefer non “religious” nomenclatures.

Dear ones who are following and reading the blog here, you are writing, you are working on your inner feelings. They are taking time for themselves and for God. Sometimes we need to pause for God to act, it is useless to force the bar so that the other person or the situation is resolved by force. Give God time to act, understand? sometimes it’s fast, it can be a day, a few hours or longer, depending on the situation. Give time to God, the Creator or the Cosmic Universe, whatever you want to call it.

Everything good can be given to us, unless it hurts other people, the Creator God will not give it to us! If it is to harm other people, then it involves the universal laws that we must understand and that our free will concerns us and we cannot infringe on the free will of others. What we sow, we will reap. Therefore, sowing good seeds are smart decisions that will bring a better future.

That’s it all for today. In the next posts I will publish some meditations with music that can help in these questions. See you soon, good week, stay with God!


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